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‘Boltcracker’ was developed in 2011 by Colin O’Gara & Leigh Rooney.

They had both experienced problems when constructing steel framed buildings, when at bolt installation stage. Prior to ‘Boltcracker’ it was common practice to apply an oil based tape around the base of the bolt which would hopefully give some movement within the cone, when the top of the bolt was struck with a hammer; when the surrounding concrete had set.

Colin and Leigh found this practice to be both unreliable, time consuming and problematic in many ways. The use of an oil based tape and sledge hammers posed health and safety risks as they involve the use of chemicals and noise/vibration risks to operatives. The failure of these measures to create movement around the bolt impacted on overall project schedules and costs due to extra time being spent bringing in additional trades to remedy the problem.

‘Boltcracker’ eliminates all the risks previously encountered when installing bolts.

The reason Leigh and Colin developed the product was centred on their own personal experiences.

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